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A total packaged solution to provide a constant level of water
in your fountain reservoirs or small garden ponds.

Does not require electricity or batteries!

Stop replacing burned out water pumps!

Stop wasting water from fountain or pond overflows when you forget to shut off the garden hose!

Stop wasting time manually filling your water fountain reservoir or pond!

Keep your fountain or pond running continuously with no worries of it running dry!

No need to ruin your fountain basin by drilling holes through your fountain walls.

No complicated plumbing required. Universal adapter easily connects to any 1/2 inch pipes, hose bibs or faucets.

Operates for years without maintenance.

All components are stainless steel, stone, and plastic - guaranteed to never rust or corode!

The standard Block Mounted Fountain-Controls Assembly (shown above with a Back Flow Preventer)
is for water level fill control for regular fountains and ponds.
Click here for Block Mounted Details and for ordering instructions


Our newest product is the Fountain-Controls Wall Mount Assembly (shown above without a Back Flow Preventer) is for
water level fill control for when placement of a lock-mount version on the bottom of the fountain is not practical.
Click here for Wall Mount Details and for ordering instructions


Click here for a color brochure.

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We reserve the right to ship different components from those shown in the photos above. The functions and the performance specifications will be identical.

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